Sunday Arts and Crafts #2

Vinyl Record Bowls

This project is super easy, super cheap, and makes a really great gift… especially for the music lovers in your life.  A rock and roll Easter basket, maybe?

But first… I wrote down the names of all the people who have commented on the Naked Baker and used a random number table (perks of being a Psych major) to calculate a winner of last week’s bad ass hot pink zebra apron.  Congratulations Ruey Shepherd… you are now the owner of a rock and roll Naked Baker apron.  Now go bake something and make sure everyone sees how hot you look doing it!

Ok, so ya, record bowls.

Damaged vinyl records can be found for very low prices,  like a dollar or less.  Since you’ll be rendering the record useless for listening purposes, it’s a good idea to use one that is chipped, scratched, or damaged already.  Or, maybe you don’t care about destroying music.  Or maybe you know it will be appreciated more as visual art than auditory art. Whatever, do what you want.  And bonus if you can find one of those colored vinyls… they look awesome.

Materials:  Some records, any size.  A baking sheet. 2 heat proof bowls, one that is pretty deep and whose opening is a few inches smaller in diameter than the record.  Oven mitt/Pot holder/Dishtowel.

First, heat your oven to 250 degrees with the rack in the lowest position.

Records are old, and thus tend to be pretty dusty and grimy.  Since there’s a chance you might be eating off of this, we’re going to clean the record.  Don’t run the whole thing under water, since you might damage the center label.  Instead, just take a paper towel, put some dish soap and water on it, then rub it gently all over the record.  Dry it off.

Place a baking sheet on the rack in the oven.  Put the bowl upside down on top of it.  Now center the record upside down on top of the bowl.  Close the door of your oven, but keep an eye on what’s going on in there.

After a few minutes, the record will get all floppy and droopy.  Using you oven mitt or potholder or whatever to keep from burning yourself, take the whole shebang out of the oven and set it somewhere where you have enough room to work.

Immediately take the record off the bowl (it will be very pliable and warm, but not burning hot), and set it inside the bowl with the smaller opening.  The record will cool very quickly, so work fast to mold it to the  inside of the bowl.  Mold the ruffled edges into a cool, organic shape.

One of the cool things about this project is that you can reheat and reshape the bowl as many times as you want.  The folds can be completely even, or a more abstract shape.  Just put it back in the oven until it’s soft, then mold it until it looks how you want it to.

Considering the hole in the middle of the record, this isn’t going to be an every day eating bowl.  These look great displayed in a living room or entry way for throwing your keys and change in when you get home.  Or in your office for paper clips and that kind of stuff.  For serving purposes, this is a good popcorn/chip/pretzel bowl and is good for entertaining, especially if you have a set of them. Try making a couple smaller ones out of 45’s for an awesome set.

These are perfect for sewing supplies.

Looking for some other radical vinyl art that serves a purpose?  Check out Mike Franks and his crazy, bad ass, vinyl record clocks:  Functioning clocks with vinyl faces, hand painted and custom made.

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  1. I love this idea!! It would be perfect for a party!! Thanks for posting how to do this.

  2. you just solved like ten gifts for family members. yay naked baker. thanks!

  3. fun project… now I know what to do with all Brent’s vinyl 🙂 j/k but really some of it could go to this type of project!

    • Stay away from my vinyl, woman! These are freakin’ sweet though!

      • Ruh Roh! I take no responsibility for any damage to vintage records, but if you have any that don’t play or you’ve grown out of I highly suggest this project… and it’s totally kid friendly as long as mom and dad do the taking out of the oven part! xo

  4. oh wow!! this is soo neat!! i love the idea!

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