Vegan Agave Nectar Cupcakes

I was having a bit of trouble last night concentrating on my giant research proposal that was due this morning, so I did the practical thing and whipped up a batch of those agave nectar cupcakes Jenna shared yesterday… and they are most definitely crazy good and nearly guiltless.  I threw together a vegan faux butter cream using my imagination and the ingredients I bought for the cupcakes, and topped those little guys with it.

If you want the recipe, head back to yesterday’s guest post by Jenna Atchison and it’s all there.


Add agave nectar to soy and vinegar

Add canola oil, vanilla, and almond to that.

Add flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

Mix until smooth

Fill cups and pop in oven for 20 minutes

Take out and wait.

And wait.

Wonder why they turned out in such a cute shape, so perfect for frosting, then wait some more.  Maybe try to write a paragraph on your paper, or not.  And wait more.

Has it been an hour?  Fantastic.  Whip up whatever topping you’d like (I improvised using a little veggie shortening, powdered sugar, agave nectar, almond extract, and almond milk… though a glaze of agave nectar and powdered sugar could be good too.  Spread or pipe on top and enjoy.

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  1. Awesome! Can’t believe I missed this post…looks like I need to make a daily visit to the Naked Baker.

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