Sunday Arts and Crafts #3

Hello sunshine!  I am on Spring Break which means my 50-hour week (count it: 32 work, 14 school, 4 ballet) is now a ZERO-hour week.  And that means Saturday morning pancakes, and a long Saturday in the sun away from my computer, which is why nothing got posted yesterday. But I am back in the bloggin’ saddle, and I have something fun and easy to share with you.

Today on Sunday Arts and Crafts, we will be performing a bit of surgery… T Shirt Surgery that is.  I don’t know about you, but somehow MyJo and I have become the owners of waaaay too many tshirts.  And girls in boxy, manly t shirts are not too cute.  So why not alter those Ts into something awesome… today: a mens T shirt into a casual mini skirt with pockets.


Sewing machine



Mens T shirt (or a womens T, as long as it’s not too tight on you)

This is a pretty basic alteration, but it looks really weird while you’re doing it, so don’t get overwhelmed… it’s way more simple than it looks!

First we’re going to make the T into a boat neck, you know… like how girls cut out the necks of T shirts in the 80s?

Next, cut off the bottom quarter of the shirt… straight across.

Pin the cut edge of the bottom to the cut edge of what was the neck, right sides together.  It helps if you turn both pieces inside out to do this.  Then sew these together.

Now sew the arm holes shut.

You’re pretty much done… all that’s left is altering the skirt so that it fits you properly.  Turn the skirt right side out and put it on (the bottom piece that you sewed to the neck of the shirt should be the waist, the sleeves are now pockets).

Most likely, you have a super baggy waist… so we’re going to take it in.  Pinch the fabric where you wish it were sewn to give you a fitted waist.  Follow the curve of your hip, pinning the fabric together on each side, until you reach the pocket.  It should be a diagonal line, like this. (I did this inside out because I wasn’t thinking… your skirt should be on right side out.)

Now take the skirt off (carefully! Don’t stick yourself with the pins you just put in there) and your diagonal lines should look like this… except for right side out instead of inside out like me.

Now sew that line and trim off the extra.

You’re done! If it’s still a little baggy, just keep taking it in where is needs it until you’re happy. Tuck the pockets in, fold the top waist part over once, and you’re set.

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  1. Love it! I just donated a ton of Ruben’s old Tshirts and he still has two drawers full…this will be a great way to reuse those old Phish tees. Thanks!

  2. Kaitlin, this is genius! Love it!

  3. BRILLIANT… Heads up, I might have to come over soon to use your sewing machine

  4. wow this is awesome! so the sleeves were turned into pockets?!?!? you’re soo creative!!

  5. A very elegant modification. I never considered using the sleeves as pockets. :3

  6. […] this is your sort of thing, you should definitely check out this awesome tutorial that shows you how to take an old, oversize t-shirt and turn it into an adorable skirt with […]

  7. I love turning t-shirts into fancier things. I found a book at Barnes and Noble the other day that was exclusively devoted giving new life to old t-shirts. I made a halter out of an old t-shirt and tried a few experiments of my own. Have you done anything else with t-shirts?

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