Peanut Butter and Honey Cookies

I don’t like peanut butter.  Weird, I know.  Well, I guess I like it sometimes… I mean a PB&J can be the best meal on Earth every once in awhile, and I loved those PB and honey sandwiches on toasted wheat bread my mom used to make when I was a kid.  But, alas, peanut butter just doesn’t do it for me.  However, there have been a few peanut butter cookies that I’ve liked, and I’m working on trying to perfect a recipe for them.  This was adapted from Taste of Home’s recipe and it’s pretty good.  They’re a little crumbly, but it’s a good recipe none the less.


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Fish Tacos Part 2: Taco Time

Got any guac left?  I hope so, because you’re going to need it!  These tacos are one of my favorite summer dinners, and they’re perfect for a dinner party.  It’s a good idea to make all the ingredients and have them all set out and organized before you start building the tacos, that way you don’t forget anything!  There are six parts: tortilla, slaw, fish, guac, cheese, and cilantro.


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Fish Tacos Part 1: Guac

I looove guacamole.  Creamy and salty and citrus-y and amazing, sometimes I just want to rub it all over myself.  Is that weird?  Um, well, anyway…  It seems like there are only a few weeks out of every year when avocados are perfectly ripe, and this is one of those weeks.  Seriously, check the grocery store– they’re soft but not rotten feeling, fragrant, dark, and ready to be mashed into a heavenly dip.

I originally wanted to tell you all about these killer fish tacos I make… but as I was smooshing up the guac for them, I realized that this dip needs a post of its own.  You can make guac a ton of different ways, but I’m going to tell you right now that I don’t like hot spicy stuff, I’m a total gringa when it comes to salsa and other spicy foods.  Therefore, this guac is fresh and bright and full of flavor, just not that spicy tongue-burning kind of flavor.  Feel free to add a few drops of tapatio or chop up a jalapeno to kick it up a notch.


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Sunday Arts and Crafts #6

In honor of Earth Day earlier this week, today’s arts and crafts project is extra planet friendly, and city friendly too!  A tin can herb garden is super easy to make and keep up with, and you don’t need a yard to do it.


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Raspberry Breakfast Bars

These bars are sooo good.  The sweet and tart fresh berries make them a perfect summer breakfast treat, the bar shape makes them easy to take on the go or send to a friend, and the whole wheat flour and rolled oats make these a healthy-ish start to your day.  Try them out!


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Restaurant Spotlight: Pizzeria Delfina

I had a fantastic meal last night, and with no time to bake today, I thought I’d share it with you.  If you live in the Bay Area and you like to eat food, you should definitely check out Pizzeria Delfina at one (or both) of their two locations in SF.  The menu changes daily based on what local ingredients are available, other than a few of the pizzas that are consistent.  Always start with a couple appetizers, get a pizza and a piatti to share, and definitely save room for dessert.  I haven’t visited the location in the Mission at 18th and Dolores, but the Fillmore Street location has been a favorite of mine for over a year, and I may or may not have eaten there or ordered out two or three times in the same week on more than one occasion.


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Pistachio Macaroons, Or How I got my Groove Back

Ever have one of those weeks where you realize that you have bitten off more than you can chew… in every aspect of your life?  I mean, I’m one of those people who just piles on the responsibilities and tries to do ten thousand things every day.  I live for the satisfaction of checking things off my ever growing to do list.  My Moleskine planner is never farther than arm’s reach.  I like to be busy, I like to have activities, I like following through, actually I prefer going above and beyond, when people are counting on me. And I like to have meaningful relationships, which means spending time and emotional energy on other people. I like doing all these things, I really do.  But there are times when I, like I’m sure many of you, just. hit. a. wall.  School, work, ballet, blog, family, eat, school, research study, blog, homework, school, shower, friends, school, blog, blog, research study, blog, homework, sleep, friends, blog, ballet, school, work, friends, laundry, blog.  I love it and hate it all at once.  I get overwhelmed and think that I’d like to move back to Santa Cruz, lay in the sun, work an easy job at the surf shop again, spend time at the beach, cook dinner at the same time every night and be lazy all the time.  But you know, after one week I’d be piling stuff on again and running around all over the place and volunteering myself for things I really don’t have time to do, because that’s just how I roll.  (God, can you imagine what I’ll be like once I have kids? Yikes!) But today, after a week of being a crazy girl, I’ve got my groove back.  I do a lot of things, it can get a little out of control, but I signed up for it all and I love it all. I’m lucky to have been given all these opportunities and it’d be foolish not to take advantage of them.

Wow, that got a little personal, thanks for listening.  As long as we’re on the topic of living a crazy-hectic life, here is a recipe that won’t take more than 20 minutes, only takes one bowl and your hands to make, and produces killer results every time.  Also… totally, absolutely kid friendly!


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Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

I’m not going to lie to you.  These cupcakes are not easy, nor are they quick.  However, they are the BOMB and totally worth every freak out you might experience while trying to get them made, as well as the mess you’ll have to clean up when you’re finally done.  There are three distinct parts of these cupcakes, which end up forming this ménage à trois of beautiful, silky, lemony love.  So if you’ve got a few hours to spare, give these a try!


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Sunday Arts and Crafts #5

I think everyone has a store, cafe, or other place of business that feels like home.  I have several places that I could be totally content living in, alone, for several days.  First, Anthropologie.  I mean this store pretty much embodies everything that I love. Plus with all the cute clothes, comfy beds, reading material, and even kitchen supplies… I might never want to leave! Second, Betsey Johnson.  Nothing makes a girl feel more awesome than dancing around in outrageously funky, puffy, sparkly mini dresses and six inch tall leopard print stilettos.  Plus the walls are hot pink and there’s a zebra print, claw foot couch.  Ok, if you think I’m weird, stop reading now because this last one is kinda out there.  I LOVE PAPERSOURCE.  Love it.  If you haven’t been to one, hop over to their website and get inspired.  See, I seem to have developed a slight fetish with beautiful paper products and the things that you use to turn those beautiful paper products into pretty little tokens of affection.  I buy cards kind of obsessively, just because they’re sweet or funny or unique or pretty… even when I have no one to give them to.  I know, I’m bonkers, and you’re probably wondering what this confession of strangeness has to do with Sunday Arts and Crafts.


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Saturday Morning Blueberry Pancakes

What’s better than waking up to warm rays of sun shining through your window and covering your bed on a Saturday morning?  Walking out to the kitchen in your jammies and finding a plate of blueberry pancakes waiting for you.  So if there’s someone who you’d like to give a perfect morning to, sneak out of bed a little early, throw on a cute apron, and get cooking.


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