Sunday Arts and Crafts #4

Hello all!  Today spring decided to take a break and it’s been a dreary, rainy, wintery day.  Perfect weather for an art project.  And speaking of feeling wintery, I was inspired last winter by Anthropologie’s creative snow globe jar jewelry displays…

After some digging in the internet, I found it’s super easy to make one of these snow globe jar things at home.  Think of the possibilities! Gifts, centerpieces, party favors, home decor…

Anyway, I made one this morning and you should make one now too.  Here’s how.

Things you need:

A glass jar with a tight fitting lid (think you don’t have any… look in your fridge! Jam, salsa, pickles, etc. all come in jars perfect for this project!)


Baby oil or mineral oil

Hot glue gun

Something you’d like to display, that fits inside the jar

Decorative bits: glitter, fake snow (crushed egg shell works well), small beads, etc.

Just a note: If you’re worried about your items rusting or loosing their color in the water… just hit them with a coat of clear nail polish and make sure they’re completely dry before submerging.

Here are the things I used…

Big Beads

Little Beads

Cool Snake Thing

Take the lid off your jar and begin building your scene on it using the hot glue.  You need your “scene” to be really stable since you will potentially be shaking it around, so try to build a sturdy base for your pieces.  It’s easiest if your figure can stand up on its own.  The shape of the snake I used was a little awkward so I had to kind of mound hot glue around it and then cover the mound with beads.    Leave it to me to make things more complicated than necessary.

So once you’ve gotten your figure or scene or whatever affixed to the inside of the lid, fill the jar up with water… leaving about 1/4 inch at the top.  Now add in some baby oil or mineral oil.  This makes the snow/glitter/other stuff fall more slowly and creates slow moving bubbles in the water.  I put in about two teaspoons, but you can put in more.

Drop in your snow/beads/glitter/stuff.

Now screw the lid on extra tight (you might want to seal it off with hot glue).

Turn it right side up and you’ve got yourself a custom made snow globe jar!

Definitely try to get creative with these… how cool would old, colored apothecary jars look with vintage figurines inside?  Perfume bottles? Even beer bottles could be cool!  Any other ideas?

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