Sunday Arts and Crafts #5

I think everyone has a store, cafe, or other place of business that feels like home.  I have several places that I could be totally content living in, alone, for several days.  First, Anthropologie.  I mean this store pretty much embodies everything that I love. Plus with all the cute clothes, comfy beds, reading material, and even kitchen supplies… I might never want to leave! Second, Betsey Johnson.  Nothing makes a girl feel more awesome than dancing around in outrageously funky, puffy, sparkly mini dresses and six inch tall leopard print stilettos.  Plus the walls are hot pink and there’s a zebra print, claw foot couch.  Ok, if you think I’m weird, stop reading now because this last one is kinda out there.  I LOVE PAPERSOURCE.  Love it.  If you haven’t been to one, hop over to their website and get inspired.  See, I seem to have developed a slight fetish with beautiful paper products and the things that you use to turn those beautiful paper products into pretty little tokens of affection.  I buy cards kind of obsessively, just because they’re sweet or funny or unique or pretty… even when I have no one to give them to.  I know, I’m bonkers, and you’re probably wondering what this confession of strangeness has to do with Sunday Arts and Crafts.

Well, dear friends, it has nothing to do with today’s craft, other than the fact that I love PaperSource and this is a paper-y craft.  This weekend I’m going to show you how to make a custom envelope and next week I’m going to have my mom show you how to make rad greeting cards.  She really is the master at handmade anything… especially cards.

So head over to PaperSource and pick up these things:

An extra awesome piece of big printed paper

A couple pieces of cardstock, printed or plain

Decorations (stamps, stickers, lace, ribbon whatever)

A glue stick


A plain envelope to use as a template

Step one is to take your template envelope and carefully unfold it.  Use a letter opener or something else sharp so you don’t rip the paper.

Now place this on your cardstock (on the back, if it is only one sided) and trace it.  You can use a bit of tape to secure it while you’re tracing.

Now on the back of your pretty paper (this will be the lining of your envelope) trace only the middle and top flap of the envelope template.

Cut these two pieces out.

Glue the lining to the back side of the cardstock.  You might need to trim around the edges to make sure that they line up nicely.

Using something pointy but not too sharp (the non-sharp edge of your scissors or a letter opener work well), score the lines you’re going to fold along.  There should be the two side flaps, the bottom flap, and the top flap that all need to be scored.

Fold and crease the side flaps and bottom flap, and secure them with glue.

Now crease the top flap over, but don’t glue it closed.

Time to decorate!  I used a couple stamps, but you can get as crazy as you want.

Address, add a postage stamp, and you’re finished!  Check back next Sunday for an awesome guest post on card making!

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