I Cheated on Mother’s Day… And it was Awesome!

I totally cheated! I’m not even going to pretend about it… I cheated on mother’s day breakfast and it was rad.  I was sitting in my office yesterday wondering what to make my mama for breakfast this morning.  I really wanted to make her donuts, but if you check out my post on that, you’ll realize what a crazy undertaking it is.  It was then that somewhere in the damp, dark caverns of my long term memory, something popped into my head.  A donut miracle!

My first job was at this fancy little grocery store in the suburbs of Santa Cruz.  Well, more specifically, the Peets Coffee bar inside that fancy little market.  This market had a deli.   And the people who worked in the deli sometimes got bored and used their minimal cooking equipment to make little snacks.  Mmm deep fried avocados… I swear this story has a point.  One day, a boy from the deli came over to my coffee bar with a gift. Fresh donuts! How was this possible!!?? They were tasty, fluffy even! So cinnamon and sugary, I couldn’t figure it out.  Of course, since I was 16 and (dare I say…) a tad, uh, ditzy at the time, that deli boy found it so funny to refuse to honestly answer my queries as to his method of creation.  Disbelieving (well, not completely… I was/am pretty gullible) his tales of complex yeasty dough making and whatever other nonsense he flung at me, I had to get crafty.  Soon after that day, I asked this boy from the deli to make donuts again.  He agreed! I strategically took my lunch break and spied on him as he gathered ingredients from the store.  And guess what…  his tales of complex dough making WERE false! The secret to the deli donuts was Butter Tastin’ Biscuits.  I confronted the blue-aproned, donut-making deli boy, and now that the Butter Tastin’ secret was out he was willing to share his technique.

According to the deli donut master:

The biscuits MUST be the Pillsbury Butter Tastin’ ones.  Not any other kind, only Butter Tastin’.

The centers are cut out using something small and round.

They are fried at around 300′.

Before they are set on towels to soak up the excess oil, they are tossed with cinnamon and sugar.

So this morning I tried it out.  I had a minor melt down at the store yesterday when I realized that the specific Butter Tastin’ Biscuits are no longer stocked (it’s been awhile since I was 16).  After an internal debate about whether I should proceed using “Grands” or abandon the mission altogether, I decided to go for it.  There is a very, very probable chance that my leg was being pulled when he said that ONLY Butter Tastin’ Biscuits could be used.

I filled a pot with canola oil and turned on the heat.

I popped open that biscuit cannister.

I used one of the metal tips for my pastry bag to cut little holes out of the center of each biscuit.

I warmed my oil to roughly 300′.

I threw those suckers in.

I flipped them over.

I took them out and lay them on a fluffy, absorbent bed of paper towels.

I made a special mother’s day glaze.  A lot of powdered sugar, a little milk, a little vanilla…

And a secret weapon! Rose syrup. Not rose water, rose syrup.  Left over from rose pastry cream, which I will tell you about later.

I dipped those crispy lovlies in the glaze.  Then I dipped them again, because it was just that good.

I poured a couple cups of coffee, brought them to my mamacita, crawled in bed, and we proceeded to shove our faces.

She was impressed which made me happy. Her tummy was full of rose glazed (kind of)homemade donuts, which made her happy.

If you can’t make your mom real donuts, go ahead and cheat.  And if you can’t even make her butter biscuit donuts, call her and tell her you love her because moms are awesome. Especially mine.

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  1. lovely! i really will try this one day. thanks naked baka!

    • This is a lie, you know I’ll just end up making them and bringing you some.

  2. i love this idea thats totally cool and they look good

  3. I have to tell you that growing up, my Mom and I used to make donuts this way (sans rose syrup). Once fried up, we’d toss them with cinnamon sugar.

  4. I really like your idea! I too have made donuts this way and my son loves them. I have also used home made pizza dough. Rolled it out, cut out the doughnut with a biscuit cutter and fried them. The donut holes are a great treat too.

  5. I have been making donuts this way for years! You DO NOT have to use the Butter Tastin’ biscuits nor do you need to use a tool to make the hole. I just stick my finger through the middle and mold a little hole–no pesky holes to fry that way. I taught this recipe to my mom who now curses my name for showing her (they are not conducive to weight loss).

    • Totally not conducive to ANYTHING healthy. But good for the spirit once in awhile. I secretly fried all the donut holes and ate them alone in my kitchen before serving! Great tip on just poking a hole, though, thanks!

  6. Iwas so impressed-I’ll have to tell our bakery-deli person about this one!!

  7. i love this! i am so gonna try it! thanks!

  8. I was wondering how long you cooked them in the oil. And thanks for sharing that recipe. I can’t wait to get up early Saturday morning while everyone is sleeping and make these. I think for an added touch I might throw some flour on my face ha ha…

    • Definitely play it up like you’ve been slaving since 4 in the morning to give your fam some fresh donuts! I just cooked mine for a minute or a little less on each side, you’ll notice that they puff up then turn this beautiful golden color… it’s pretty clear when they’re done, just keep an eye on them since they cook so quickly.

  9. I love this semi-homemade tip! Gonna try it this weekend! Love your blog, too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Those look so yummy! I know what I will be having for breakfast soon.

  11. These sound totally delicious! But it seems like I’ve seen butter tasting biscuits in the store! I’m gonna check on that the next time I go to the store and I’ll let you know what I find!

    • I must say, the Grands were just as good, but I prefer showing up at the check out line with a few cannisters of something that says Butter Tastin’ on it. Let me know if you find them!

  12. They look so good. We use to make some something like that when I was little. Didn’t remember though. THX

    Oh by the way can you give me measurements on your icing? I’m not good at eyeballing and would love to try this.


    • Start with 1 Tbsp milk to 1 cup powdered sugar and whisk together. Add more milk or sugar until you like the consistency. Add about a tsp vanilla or rose syrup, if you’re using something more concentrated like almond or maple extract, only use about 1/2 tsp. Trust your eyeballing, you’re probably better than you give yourself credit for!

  13. oooops forgot to check the 2 boxes at the bottom! lol

  14. This is diffidently different, have to try this recipe. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. YUM can’t wait to try to make them!!

  16. I made these when I was 16 also!! At first I made them with cinnamon & sugar, then fried the “holes” also, then I started frying them with jelly inside!! I learned to fill with jelly afterward…:) They were always a after school treat or after work treat for my dad that had a sweet tooth. Thanks for the reminder!!

  17. I loved the story.

    I will try them this weekend on my friends and family at our cottage on the river.

    I live in a small town and pretty sure I can’t get the Rose Syrup.I will just use the glaze.

    • Girl, the rose syrup was just a little extra and totally unnecessary. I ran all over San Francisco and finally found it at a teensy weensy Lebanese market for this other recipe, and now I’ve got a giant bottle of it lying around. Substitute vanilla, almond, maple, or any other flavor you like… or go plain!

  18. That is a cool recipe. My kids and I are always looking for different foods to cook and my 15yr old son collects recipes. Can you give me that recipe for the glaze and if not is there an other one. I’m not sure if we carry that rose syrup here in Hawaii. And how long do you cook the donuts for.. Thank You for sharing this and looking forward to hereing from you.

    • The rose syrup is tooootally unnecessary. You can do a plain glaze or add any other sort of flavoring you’d like. Vanilla, almond… hibiscus? I usually whisk together 1 Tbsp milk to 1 cup powdered sugar for a glaze, then add either more sugar or milk to reach the desired consistency. As for the cooking time, I’d say about 45 seconds to 1 minute on each side. The dough will puff up and become nice and golden when they’re cooked, it will be obvious when they’re ready. This recipe is fast, easy, and doesn’t require much precision or concentration, I’m sure any 15 year old would approve. Happy cooking!

  19. oh my gosh I love you!

    • Messy Jess, I love you too. That blue tongue on your blog is absolutely terrifying. In a good way. xoxo

  20. I remember Mom making these for us as kids, and then teaching us to make them. Then we made our own. We just used cheap biscuits. They were yummy! So they have been around awhile. Think I’ll make some this weekend! Thanks for the memory.

  21. Wow, very creative and they look absolutely delicious! Definitely will be giving them a try.

  22. You are a very funny, clever cook, and a great detective as well!! I’m so glad you followed through and nailed down the recipe. My mom is gone now, but the whole family will LOVE these!!

    • Thank you, Sylvia! After all that work finding out how to make these, I can’t believe I almost forgot about it. Glad I remembered, and I do hope you give them a try!

  23. wow looks like its really easy and I can make it look like a slaved away and pass them along to the kids they will love them

    • Seriously! Everyone will think you spent hours on these, and you don’t have to tell them anything different. Soak up the love!

  24. I am 75 and my kids are 52 and 49 and I made these donuts for them when they were small. Just cheap biscuts, only kind there was back then. Ten for a dollar or something like that.

  25. I made these on Saturday for my girls. They loved them and so did I. My only complaint is that they were too easy and too yummy. I am going to get soooo fat 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this ;~D

  26. Gotta try this. Looks yummy.

  27. Going to try these that’s for sure.

  28. These donuts are a great treat! I’m definitely going to try them. They seem easy and satisfying. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  29. […] him go buy the kids donuts at the donut shop nearby. However, he is out of town and I had this new donut recipe from the Naked Baker I just had to try. I combined her recipe with Paula Deen's and it went […]

  30. […] Happy Donut Day! If I haven’t made it clear enough here and here, I love a fresh, yummy donut every once in awhile.  Treat yourself to one today and celebrate! Woo […]

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