Perfect Summer Dinner

I had a dinner party recently.  It was nice.  All two of my friends came.  I got to cook for them and sip wine and chat about all kinds of girly things.  We may have listened to a little Jay-Z.  One thing that I love about my friends… is that they love cheese.  So, in honor of summer and the beautiful fresh peaches that are finally available, and in honor of my cheese loving girls, our theme was Peaches and Cheese.

Here was the menu:

Sweet Baguette and Dante Cheese

Baby Spinach Salad and Grilled Peaches Stuffed with Pecan Goat Cheese

Inside Out Summer Cannoli with Carmelized Peaches


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Breaking in a new Kitchen with Salmon

My parents just had their house remodeled and their kitchen is beautiful.  I went down for a visit over memorial day and helped my dad break it in.  We made salmon.  It was delicious.  And you can make delicious salmon too, as long as you buy it as fresh as possible.


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National Donut Day and My Week in Food Porn!

Hi! Happy Donut Day! If I haven’t made it clear enough here and here, I love a fresh, yummy donut every once in awhile.  Treat yourself to one today and celebrate! Woo woo!

In other news, since school let out I’ve been doing a lot of, uh…


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