Project Bikini Bod: Grazing


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a grazer. Yes, like a happy cow grazing the fields all day, I like to snack.  This might seem detrimental to Project Bikini Bod, but if you are prepared and armed with tasty, healthy snacks then grazing is just fine.  Here are a few of my favorite low cal, healthy snacks.


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Bananas and Bikinis

It’s that time of year… we all break out our bikinis for the first warm day of summer and suddenly realized where we’ve been putting all those cupcakes and donuts and cheese and cookies and custards and pies and bacon.  Well, I had the initial freak out and was inspired to start Project Bikini Bod.  I’ll be doing my best to create tasty and healthy treats, conducive with getting the bikini bod you want this year.  The first recipe of the series is a little impromptu breakfast from this morning: Roasted Bananas with Yogurt and Pecans.  All three of these ingredients are a super healthy way to start your day, and trust me that this really fills you up and the caramelized bananas make it taste like a treat!


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