Did you hear…?

The Naked Baker has made its move from WordPress hosted to self hosted!

The change actually happened a few months ago, but somehow I forgot to tell you all about it. I’ve managed to save your emails if you have subscribed for email updates about posts to this site, and will enter them into our new database. Expect an email confirmation from our new service, Feedburner, this weekend.

The new site is www.thenakedbakerkitchen.com, go have a look!


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Peach Pie

Hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July weekend and ate lots and lots of food.  I told you before that my favorite thing to bake was pie, and one of my favorite pies to bake is peach.  Now that it’s summer and the peaches are plump, whip one of these babies up to share with all your favorite people.  It makes a great breakfast too!


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Perfect Summer Dinner

I had a dinner party recently.  It was nice.  All two of my friends came.  I got to cook for them and sip wine and chat about all kinds of girly things.  We may have listened to a little Jay-Z.  One thing that I love about my friends… is that they love cheese.  So, in honor of summer and the beautiful fresh peaches that are finally available, and in honor of my cheese loving girls, our theme was Peaches and Cheese.

Here was the menu:

Sweet Baguette and Dante Cheese

Baby Spinach Salad and Grilled Peaches Stuffed with Pecan Goat Cheese

Inside Out Summer Cannoli with Carmelized Peaches


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National Donut Day and My Week in Food Porn!

Hi! Happy Donut Day! If I haven’t made it clear enough here and here, I love a fresh, yummy donut every once in awhile.  Treat yourself to one today and celebrate! Woo woo!

In other news, since school let out I’ve been doing a lot of, uh…


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Brain Cupcakes for the Smart Kids!

This semester has been nothing if not gruelling, and on Tuesday my favorite professor threw an awesome soiree on the last day.  After months of studying brain waves and electrode placement, EEG and ERPs, alpha, beta, theta, and delta rhythms, slow wave and REM sleep… and even the mysterious and elusive P300, we got to let loose.

There was beer and pizza, like any normal pizza party should have.

But we’re a bunch of over achievers who love science here, so it didn’t end at that.


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Maverick, and I don’t mean the big wave competition.

Depending on where you live and how old you are, the word “maverick” can bring to mind all sorts of interesting things.


If you live in the Bay Area, you can add another thing to your “maverick” list… Maverick Restaurant on 17th and Mission in San Francisco.  This teensy weensy place on 17th street is easy to miss, but it is definitely worth checking out.  We had our mother’s day dinner here and thoroughly enjoyed everything we had to eat and drink.


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I Cheated on Mother’s Day… And it was Awesome!

I totally cheated! I’m not even going to pretend about it… I cheated on mother’s day breakfast and it was rad.  I was sitting in my office yesterday wondering what to make my mama for breakfast this morning.  I really wanted to make her donuts, but if you check out my post on that, you’ll realize what a crazy undertaking it is.  It was then that somewhere in the damp, dark caverns of my long term memory, something popped into my head.  A donut miracle!

My first job was at this fancy little grocery store in the suburbs of Santa Cruz.  Well, more specifically, the Peets Coffee bar inside that fancy little market.  This market had a deli.   And the people who worked in the deli sometimes got bored and used their minimal cooking equipment to make little snacks.  Mmm deep fried avocados… I swear this story has a point.  One day, a boy from the deli came over to my coffee bar with a gift. Fresh donuts! How was this possible!!?? They were tasty, fluffy even! So cinnamon and sugary, I couldn’t figure it out.  Of course, since I was 16 and (dare I say…) a tad, uh, ditzy at the time, that deli boy found it so funny to refuse to honestly answer my queries as to his method of creation.  Disbelieving (well, not completely… I was/am pretty gullible) his tales of complex yeasty dough making and whatever other nonsense he flung at me, I had to get crafty.  Soon after that day, I asked this boy from the deli to make donuts again.  He agreed! I strategically took my lunch break and spied on him as he gathered ingredients from the store.  And guess what…  his tales of complex dough making WERE false! The secret to the deli donuts was Butter Tastin’ Biscuits.  I confronted the blue-aproned, donut-making deli boy, and now that the Butter Tastin’ secret was out he was willing to share his technique.


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Cinco de Mayo… I mean Ocho de Mayo?

Hope you all had a festive Cinco de Mayo… I was lucky/irresponsible enough to take a break from school work and go out in the notoriously awesomely dirty and authentically Latino/filled with young people that want to get wild for cheap Mission district to celebrate the festivities.  Highlight: Best. Sangria. Ever. Evvver. Go to Limon on 16th and Valencia. Order red snapper ceviche, vegetarian empanadas, and as much of that amazing sangria as you can.  You won’t regret it. Oh and the panna cota dessert was great, too.  Oh! and the bread and red sauce… sooo yummy, I think we ate a whole baguette before our food was brought out! Anyway, happy post-cinco de mayo.

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Too busy to write today.  This is pretty self explanatory, and is totally saving me from turning into stressed/hungry/crazy girl right now! More exciting things for tomorrow… XO!


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Lemon Strawberry Breakfast Crepes

Oh, hi guys! Sorry I’ve been a little off the map lately, but you’ll have to understand that not only am I drowning in research for final papers, but that the weather has been amazing recently and the last place I want to be is in a hot kitchen or burning my eye balls out in front of a computer all day.

However, I’ve been baking away as usual and have an awesome impromptu breakfast to share with you!  And it’s perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch this weekend…  Lemon crepes with fresh strawberries and vanilla yogurt.


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